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Spied: Is Audi building a new R8 GT?


Audi R8 mule undergoes testing with revised rear end, louder exhaust

Back in 2010, Audi introduced a special variant of the previous generation R8. Called the R8 GT, it had increased engine power output and had been put on a diet. Like most special editions, it had a limited prouduction run. After its run finished, the R8 GT name plate has remained dormant ever since. Now, new photos sent in by our spies hint at the R8 GT's possible comeback.

From afar, this test mule could pass off as a regular current-generation Audi R8 as the front fascia has remained unchanged. At the rear however, it has been covered in camouflage, hiding possible new changes on this particular model. This leads us to speculate that the test mule could be a for a special variant or possibly the return of the GT.


Starting with the most obvious change, there are now larger oval exhaust pipes installed compared to the sleeker units found on standard R8 models. To match the new exhaust, the rear bumper diffuser has also been restyled. Furthermore, it now features a one-piece 'rear grill' which runs the length of the lights, likely to help extract heat faster.

Our spies also mentioned that this parcticular prototype also sounded louder than usual. It is possible Audi has added more power to match the revised rear setup, pushing out more than 610 PS found on the R8 V10 plus.

It is uncertain whether the mule is rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, but our spies do seem to think it is likely the latter. Lamborghini released the all-wheel drive Huracan Performante earlier this year, with this prototype possibly being be a Performante version of the R8 called the GT.  

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