Last week, BMW CEO Harald Krueger announced their product offensive for the next two years. The CEO said that they plan to release 40 new models and variants before the decade ends. Our spies appear to have spotted yet another new BMW model and it is unlike any car photographed in the past.

Spied: Is BMW reviving the 8 Series?

According to our spies, the car seen here is possibly the revived 8 Series. The 8 Series was BMW's grand touring coupe sold in the 90's and the model line has been dormant since 1999. Looking at the car, it seems to point to our spies' best guess. The front end of this particular test car is lower and wider than the spied 6 Series. Peeking through the covers are large, honeycomb air intakes, suggesting that this is an M or M Sport model.

Rear quarter of the alleged BMW 8-Series

On to its side, we classic GT car proportions with a long hood and short deck. A closer look reveals the signature Hoffmeister kink at the C-Pillar. The spies also noticed the car came equipped with bigger brakes. Further hinting that this is an M or M Sport model are the blue brake calipers. Its wheels are also worth mentioning as these appear to be an all-new design, not available in the current BMW catalogue.

Rear of the BMW 8-Series prototype

Towards the rear, there is a thick layer of false panels to hide the lines of the trunk. It does, however, feature a steeply raked rear windshield. In the meantime, the test car uses false headlights and predicting the look of the rear is still difficult at this stage. Based on its profile, it appears that BMW is putting some of the design details of the Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe concept into production.

According to our spies, BMW has trademarked the names 825, 830, 850, 860, and M850. It suggests that it may be offered with four, six, eight and twelve-cylinder engines.