Chevrolet is not resting on its laurels even after the reveal of the track-focused Camaro ZL1 LE. A new set of pictures from our insiders recently arrived in our mail and it looks like the bow-tie brand is hard at work in developing an even more powerful Camaro.

This mysterious Camaro prototype sports a rather unique camouflage, along with what appears to be a heavily modified front end. Our spies think that the front fascia carries some fake bodywork or prototype parts that they intend to put into a production car.

Spied: Is Chevy developing an all-new Z/28 Camaro?

The hood itself, on the other hand, has some air inlets which could indicate that the car will benefit from some sort of forced induction. On the flipside, with Ford already developing a hybrid Mustang, Chevrolet might also be thinking of the same thing and is busy experimenting on a working prototype.

Another angle of the mysterious Camaro prototype

But it is more likely that Chevrolet is working on a more powerful variant of the all-new Camaro, the next-gen Z/28. Supposedly, the production of the new Z/28 is scheduled to begin in Q3 or Q4 of 2017. Another theory is that Chevrolet is apparently already working on the mid-cycle facelift of the Camaro even though the new-generation model only came out as a 2016 model year (first revealed in mid 2015).

Whatever Chevrolet is working on, it surely captured our attention.