Spied: Is the Lexus RC F getting the Gazoo treatment?


Semi-camouflaged Lexus RC F hints higher performance variant

The Lexus RC F has been in the market for quite some time now. So, what is a semi-camouflaged RC F doing around the Nurburgring? Is Lexus set to build a Gazoo Racing version of their sports coupe soon or will it be another special edition model? Our spies have snapped photos of this mystery RC F and even they are puzzled as to what it will be.

That said, the Lexus RC range has yet to undergo a facelift so this may well be an updated version of the said coupe. It does retain the same headlight arrangement but the covers on the lower half of the car suggests some styling changes. A closer look at the front section of the car reveals more ducting, possibly for the engine's cooling system.  At the same time, the ducting could also indicate a far sportier version of the standard RC F. The L-shaped daytime running lights have also been covered, hinting that they could be redesigned as well.

The sides were covered too, but upon closer inspection, the rear fenders appear to have been stretched. Its side skirts also look different, as well as the fender air outlets. At the same time, the rear bumper appears to be chunkier than the current model, plus, it now sports a rear diffuser. Lexus also covered up the trunk lid but visible is the lip spoiler at the edge of the panel.

At the moment, it's all down to speculation but it is possible that the RC F might just get the Gazoo Racing treatment. Last month, our spies also captured a Lexus LS with a sportier look, namely bigger brakes, larger intakes and, according to them, a louder exhaust. Given that Gazoo Racing is expanding operations to a wider audience, it is likely that this particular RC F is also a test bed for racing division's tweaks. 

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