Spied: Is this the 2018 Lexus ES?

Spied: Is this the 2018 Lexus ES? image

Aurick Go / Carpix for | June 30, 2017 11:59

Lexus executive saloon test mule hides in full camo

With Lexus' ES and GS executive saloons being similarly sized, even our spies were a bit more puzzled as to which it exactly was they've seen rolling around Germany in full camouflage. Considering the fact that this particular vehicle was being benchmarked against a Mercedes E-Class, we're likely looking at the next-gen ES.

Spied: Is this the next Lexus ES or GS?

Several rumors suggest that the current GS will be the last model of its kind – with development for the upcoming model supposedly being canceled. Since the GS won't be having a successor, this may well be a Lexus ES. If not that, maybe Lexus will introduce a new model altogether?

Quite interesting as well on this test mule is the apparent absense of a 'spindle grill' which defines the front end of every Lexus model.

Spied: Is this the next Lexus ES or GS?

Considering the heavy camo and scarce details, there’s not much to point out other than the fact that this mule is a hybrid (a round yellow sticker on the rear glass supposedly hinting to such). We will just have to wait and see as Lexus continues further testing of this new saloon.

Spied: Is this the next Lexus ES or GS?

Reliable sources have confirmed that the next-generation Lexus ES saloon will be launched in the Philippine market next year.