Spied: Jaguar XE-based test mule hints at more powerful version


Jaguar’s entry-level saloon may be available in high performance trim

With the sighting of this peculiar Jaguar XE-based test mule, even our spies are rather puzzled at what exactly this car serves to do. Sporting wider arches, bigger intakes, a massive rear wing, bigger brakes, and a set of O.Z. Wheels, clearly this particular mule is testing for a model with loads more performance than the factory spec of Jaguar’s compact saloon.

If memory recalls, Jaguar have revealed the XE SV Project 8 last may. The SV Project 8 is a limited edition version of the XE that packs a 592PS 5.0-liter V8 – making it the most powerful Jaguar to be ever produced.

If this mule was serving to test some bits for that model though, it’s rather odd that Jaguar have decided to use a mule and camouflage instead of actually using the SV Project 8 body as revealed last month.

Piqued by this, our spies checked in with the DVLA in the UK to no avail – only hinting that the mule has been registered in May 2017. What purpose do you think this mule serves? Will we see another performance version of Jaguar’s compact saloon?

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