In an uncanny move from building executive saloons and coupes, Jaguar have recently broken their routine and set out to build an SUV. The new F-Pace is the British manufacturer’s first SUV offering, and it appears to be selling quite well.

The F-Pace R in action

That said however, the F-Pace S pushes a rather modest 380 PS out of its V6. Compared to its German counterparts pushing well over 500 PS, it seems the F-Pace becomes quite the slouch; That’s about to change though, as our spies have identified a new, beefier F-Pace in the works: Enter the F-Pace R.

The F-Pace R's rear quarters

Despite wearing full body camo, the F-Pace R does little to hide the larger front bumper that allows more air to get into the stronger motor housed underneath the bonnet. Our spies indicate that no matter how much camo or provisionary items the test car was equipped with, it did little to mask the noise the F-Pace R made as it did rounds of testing.

A look behind the Jaguar F-Pace R

Judging from that then, there is a chance that we will possibly see the snarling V8 of the F-Type inside the F-Pace R’s hood. Whether it’s that or an upgraded version of the current V6 is still unsure. One thing’s for sure though, Jaguar’s new SUV should play around the 500 PS mark to stick with its German contemporaries.