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Spied: Lamborghini Aventador Perfomante shows more detail


Lamborghini Aventador Performante test mule goes warm climate testing

The engineers at Lamborghini are working non-stop to churn out high performance versions of their supercars, the Huracan and Aventador. Our spies have snapped yet another test mule and they believe it is Aventador Perfomante, the new range topper of its flagship supercar. This time around, they spotted both the hardtop and convertible versions undergoing hot climate testing.

The former top of the line Aventador was the SV which has since been sold out. With the Perfomante taking the place of the SV, expect it to get the same treatment similar to the Huracan Performante. That means more power, less weight, aero tweaks and re-tuned suspension. These particular cars are test mules but there are some hints showing off some special details.


At the front is a unique bumper which incorporates more aerodynamic elements around the intake. Do note that the side intakes are also asymetrical with one side lacking the mesh cover. On to its side, there are more air inlets near the engine bay plus some of the SV's body tweaks such as the larger air intakes by the quarter panel. More of these changes are seen at the rear with a significantly different bumper and tailpipe treatment. The rear bumper sees a more aggressive treatment while the tailpipes have been moved in between the tail lights. While the center exit exhaust remains, our spies have told us it is non-functional and will be removed for the production model.

As for the convertible version, the test mule uses the standard Aventador Roadster body. The front bumpers, side intakes from the earlier Aventador Roadster models have been retained . However, it does get the same unique rear end from the coupe test mule. Also seen here is a carbon-fiber roof attachment, standard in the regular Aventador Roadster. There is also a clearer view of its rear diffuser and it is possible that both these body styles might get a fixed rear wing.

With these cars being test mules, expect more changes to come in the near future. At the same time, it might be a while before Lamborghini unveils the production car given that they are still using test mules. Aside from the upgrades mentioned above, the Aventador Perfomante might also receive active aero and recalibrated active suspension. Expect at least a 20 PS upgrade from the Aventador's 6.5-liter V12.

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