Spied: Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera goes winter testing


Track-focused Huracan hits the snow

It appears that the folks at Lamborghini are busy working during the Christmas season. The Italian supercar maker is not only tweaking the Aventador, they're also testing the Huracan Superleggera in extreme conditions.

Still under heavy camouflage, the cars seen here are likely the same ones spotted last time in fairer weather. In winter testing, it looks like Lamborghini is seeing how the all-wheel drive system copes with more power on slick surfaces. As for the exterior, the covered bumpers mask the aerodynamic enhancements made to the car, along with extra pairs of outlets for added downforce.

A large rear wing separates the Superleggera from the standard Huracans, as well as repositioned tailpipes. These prototypes however carry something that wasn't seen in the previous report. Seen here are a set of new wheels with a center lock hub. With this new setup, it is possible that the brakes are also different for these test cars. If this is the direction this track-oriented Huracan will be following, it will be the first Superleggera model to come out of the factory with center lock wheels.

The interior of the upcoming Superleggera has yet to be snapped but do expect an interior exclusive to this model. Also expect a more extensive use of carbon fiber inside and out, as well as the deletion of some equipment. As for power, possible upgrades include enhanced ECU, upgraded intake manifold and new exhaust system, same as its predecessor, the Gallardo Superleggera.

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