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Spied: Lamborghini takes Aventador SV Jota to Green Hell


Lamborghini puts the Aventador SV Jota through the ringer

Remember when our spies spotted what appears to be a souped-up Aventador SV? Well, it looks like the House of The Raging Bull has been busy of late once more as our insiders spotted the upcoming 'SV Jota' making rounds at the infamous Green Hell.

Still donning heavy camouflage, the prototype Aventador SV Jota seen here looks to be the same one that we spotted last week albeit rolling on a new set of wheels. While it may look relatively the same as the standard SV, the Jota gets a more aggressive exterior. For starters, the front bumper now has a more aerodynamic design thanks to the addition of canards and front splitter.


As mentioned earlier, this particular prototype gets new centerlock alloy wheels. Compared to the other prototype which came with SV wheels, the ones seen here could be production-ready units. Also present are the massive side air intakes and the familiar side skirts which highlight the Jota's stance.

Around the back, we see that it gets a unique rear wing as well as higher-positioned exhaust pipes. While the positioning of the pipes may look unconventional, this particular configuration will help the engine breathe better. Meanwhile, the huge wing at the back will help in keeping the car planted to the road.

Since the Jota will be significantly more powerful than the SV, expect this raging bull to have over 800 PS from its V12 powerplant.

Expect the powerful Aventador SV Jota to make its official debut later this year, along with a drop-top version to follow suit.

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