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Spied: Land Rover prepares 2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe


To go head to head with BMW X6, Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe

It would appear that Land Rover is set to expand the Range Rover Sport lineup with a new body style. Our spies recently captured a Range Rover Sport hiding a sleeker roofline doing rounds in the Nurburgring.

While most of the car is still under wraps, expect it to have the classic Range Rover styling cues. It will likely feature the Range Rover Sport's front fascia which its upswept headlights, a rounded off front bumper and clamshell hood. There will be minor changes made to differentiate it from its more upright sibling.


From the side, it would appear that the Range Rover Sport Coupe is similar to the standard model but there are differences from the B-pillar back. To hide its more sloped roofline, the folks at Land Rover installed a false panel from the back of the front door. A closer look shows the a Range Rover Evoke-like treatment for the rear section. Also hidden is the shape of the rear doors as well as the third side window.

Viewed from the rear however and it shows more of its coupe-like shape. The rear windshield is more raked compared to the standard Range Rover Sport. Its rear lights also hint at a similar treatment as the Range Rover Sport but will likely get minor tweaks as well. Interior changes are also expected to be minor.

Once released by mid-2017, the Range Rover Sport Coupe will go head to head with the likes of the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. It will also be available with turbocharged, supercharged and turbodiesel engines. A high-performance SVR model may also be in the pipeline.

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