Fresh from their brand launch late last year, Lynk & Co appear to be working on yet another car. Sent in by our spies, the Chinese-Swedish automaker is busy developing a C-Segment sedan. Co-developed with Volvo, sources say that this upcoming car also forms the basis of the Volvo S40 and next-generation V40.

Spied: Lynk & Co prepares their first four-door sedan

Lynk & Co revealed their first car along with the brand launch. Tentatively called the 01, it is a crossover and the first car to be produced under the  China Euro Vehicle Technology program or CEVT. Using the Swedish automaker's Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), this particular platform will also be utilized in future Lynk & Co cars and future Volvo models. This prototype has been given the name 02 as it will be Lynk & Co's second car in the lineup.

Rear quarter of the Lynk and Co 02

While the car is still heavily camouflaged, it appears it will get a similar front-end treatment as the 01. The cover's opening by the top corners of the hood suggests this styling treatment. The rest of the front fascia is disguised with a false panel.

On to its side, the 02 shares a similar window-line treatment as the 01 as well. Not much detail can be seen as of now. It does have a formal C-Pillar shape that appears to be its final design since it follows the shape of the rear windshield. Very little detail can also be seen at the back of the 02.

A closer look at the Lynk and Co 02's rear section

According to our spies, expect the 02 to be revealed by late 2017. Deliveries will start by 2018 in China while the rest of the world will get these cars the following year. Expect the 02 to share engines with some Volvo cars. The Volvo equivalent, the S40, may be revealed after the debut of the Lynk & Co model.