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Spied: Mercedes-AMG's hotter A-Class drops more cover


2018 Mercedes-AMG A40 nears its debut

As early as July 2016, our spies have been closely monitoring the next-generation A-Class from the entry-level models to the high-performance AMG variants. As the car's debut draws closer, the all-new A-Class is slowly dropping its camouflage. In the most recent batch of photos our spies sent us, they managed to snap the Mercedes-AMG A40, the automaker's hot hatch a notch below the A45.

Some details that show this is the A40 are more aggressive styling cues. Peeking through the covers are a pair of larger air intakes at the corners of the front bumper. There is also a larger air dam at the lower half of the fascia. While a nose cone still hides many details, Mercedes-AMG got rid of the extra layer of padding on the hood giving us a better view of the car's profile.


Moving to its side, the Mercedes-AMG A40 rides on a longer wheelbase compared to the current A45. This suggests that the new A40, along with its other A-Class derivatives, will boast of more interior room. There's also a thicker C-pillar, as well as defined shoulder line particularly near the rear quarter panel. Keen observers might have also noticed large, cross-drilled vented brakes at the front.

Meanwhile, at the rear of the car, the false tail lights have now been replaced with the production units. This allows us to take a better look at the car's rear fascia. The rear windshield is bigger when compared to the current model while the integrated tailgate spoiler is longer and more prominent. A closer look at the tail light sees slimmer and longer units being applied to the car.

At the moment, there are no official figures regarding the engine. Our spies did say the horsepower figure is rated at about 340 PS, according to leaked documents. This means the the range-topping Mercedes-AMG A45 might just reach the 400 PS mark.  

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