A few months ago, our spies were able to confirm that Mercedes-AMG was apparently testing a new variant of the AMG-tuned hatchback. Called the A35, it will serve as the entry-level A-Class AMG below the top-of-the-range A45.

Now, our spies were able to spot another A35 only this time it has four doors and a trunk. Yes you read that right, Mercedes-AMG is also busy making a sedan version of the all-new A35. Despite the heavy camouflage, we do get to see the A35 Sedan's lower ride height, wider side sills and slightly aggressive aero package.

Spied: Mercedes-AMG A35 sedan


Also seen on the sedan are dual exhaust pipes which indicates its performance pedigree. The wheels look rather dull but that could have been done to hide the upgraded brakes and calipers that will be standard equipment on the A35 Sedan.

Spied: Mercedes-AMG A35 sedan

As far as its styling is concerned, the A35 Sedan's front fascia may closely resemble its hatchback brethren. Its rear, on the other hand, will differ and may be reminscent of the CLA in terms of design.

Spied: Mercedes-AMG A35 sedan

Under the hood, expect a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four that is rated upwards of 300 PS. Like the hatchback spotted months ago, all-wheel-drive and along with a dual-clutch transmission are also expected to be available on the upcoming A35.

Expect the AMG-tuned A Class models to make their debut soon.