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Spied: Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 takes on the Nurburgring


Next-gen Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 undergoes track testing at the 'Ring

The Nurgburging is no stranger to manufacturer prototypes undergoing tests around its 20.8 km track. Recently, our spies happen to chance upon the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 sailing around the 'Green Hell'. Given that the GLE is made to carry multiple people, it's no surprise then that another person is riding shotgun while the performance SUV takes on the Nordschlife.

Compared to the first time the GLE 63 was spotted, the prototype seen here has more camouflage. The signature AMG Panamericana grill is now hidden behind a mesh cover. More camouflage also covers the rest of the front bumper, specifically the large lower air intakes found. This could be an indication that more design revisions to the front were made. 


Looking at its side profile, the prototype seen can easily be distinguished from non-AMG GLE test mules by the larger wheels and brakes. Complementing its larger wheels is the vehicle's lower ride height. The wide tires seen from the rear further emphasize it as an AMG model. At the back, not much can be seen as everything is still covered in heavy camouflage. We do get to see the signature large twin exit exhaust found on most AMG models.

Performance-wise, the GLE is expected to handle better and weigh less than the current model due to its use of the new MRA platform. At the moment however, there are still no details regarding engine options of the GLE 63. It is likely the 4.0-liter biturbo V8 will be retained, but new engine options such those with hybrid power could also be used.

While the standard Mercedes-Benz GLE is expected to debut some time next year, expect the high performance AMG variant to debut at a later date. 

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