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Spied: Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan seen for the first time


2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan spotted in public

Mercedes-Benz is set to expand the Next Generation Compact Car (NGCC) range with the A-Class sedan. Previewed as the Aesthestics A concept earlier this year, the German automaker's smallest sedan has been snapped by our spies for the first time. Once released, the A-Class sedan will slot below its sleeker counterpart, the CLA.

With these photos, there is also a clearer look at what the front end of the A-Class hatchback might look like. With no false panel on the hood, we see a downward sloping hood which then merges with the rounded tip of the front bumper. Given that the NGCC range is still being offered with halogen headlights in certain markets, it is also possible that this particular car is already sporting its production units. Little is seen in regards to the front bumper, but do expect it to look similar to the hatch once that variant is unveiled.


The A-Class sedan has a noticeable more upright and formal roofline when compared to the CLA. Gone are the pillarless doors from the CLA as the A-Class sedan looks like it has a more defined B-pillar. It also appears that this particular car is equipped with a panoramic sunroof, making it likely that this part will be an option once in full production.

Moving to the rear, Mercedes-Benz went to great lengths in covering the shape of the trunk. Given that the current sedan range features a rounded look with the tail that tapers upwards, expect the same treatment on Mercedes-Benz's smallest sedan. Meanwhile, the tail lights see an LED strip which runs from the outermost section and close to the license plate. This hints at long tail light clusters, a styling feature usually reserved for the brand's coupes.

As for engines, expect a wide array of four-cylinder gasoline- and diesel-powered engines, all of which are likely to be turbocharged. It is yet to be known if the A-Class sedan will get the AMG treatment but 4Matic all-wheel drive is possible. 

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