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Spied: Mercedes-Benz-based motorhome anyone?


Hymer uses Mercedes-Benz platform to build next RV

Mercedes-Benz has made an RV. Well, sort of.

From time to time, our spies catch oddballs such as trucks and high-roof vans. This motorhome is no exception. The vehicle seen here is a Hymer RV, which uses a Mercedes-Benz platform. It's a prototype for now but it does show the flexibility of the next-generation Sprinter commercial van.


Hymer has been in the automotive business since 1923 and building RVs and caravans since 1956. The company has used different truck chassis types to build on their motorhomes. This particular one however doesn't have a name just yet.

That said, there isn't much room to style an RV other than giving it a somewhat streamlined front, a large and rectangular and some unique tail lights. The rest of the body is still covered up, but do expect large windows to bring in more light to what will more than likely be a cavernous interior.

Being a motorhome, a wide variety of cabin accomodations and expectiations will be available. Expect a large-capacity turbodiesel to power this motorhome as well.

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