Spied: Mercedes-Benz CLA shows its sleek, swoopy profile


After launching the AMG GT 4-door, Mercedes-Benz preps next-gen CLA

In the coming years, we'll be expecting a lot of all-new small cars from Mercedes-Benz. Kicked off by the all-new A-Class, the C-segment hatch will spawn two more models with a trunk. Our spies have caught both the A-Class sedan and the next-gen CLA with the latter coming with a fresh set of photos. From the looks of it, the differences between the two are small.

With the 'CL' tag attached to it, Mercedes-Benz markets this model as a four door coupe whereas the A-Class sedan is pitched as its more formal and upright sibling. Differences include pillarless doors and a slightly more rakish roofline. Aside from those, however, it's difficult to separate the pair of small Mercedes-Benz four-doors, at least from these photos.

It's still wearing a lot of camouflage, hinting that there may be significant differences between the two cars. There's a glimpse of what appears to be slim, upswept headlights at the front. Besides that, there are still little clues as to what it will look like when it reaches production. There is, however, a big difference when you get to the back.

The A-Class sedan has its license plate holder mounted on the trunk while the next-gen CLA has it on the bumper. Also, tail lights look sleeker than the ones on the A-Class as well. It is possible that the rear might just follow the look of the current coupes offered by Mercedes-Benz, namely the CLS, S-Class Coupe and E-Class Coupe.

As for engines, these will likely be lifted from the A-Class hatchback. That means two turbocharged gas-fed motors ranging 1.4 to 2.0-liters. The 1.4-liter makes 163 PS while the 2.0-liter puts out 224 PS. Given the car's sporting intention, it is yet to be known if a turbodiesel will be offered. However, what is possible is the addition of a hybrid model, as well as an AMG-tuned CLA.

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