Mercedes-Benz continues to expand the E-class lineup after our spies caught the cabrio version testing. With this model, the E-Class will soon be available in four body styles, namely sedan, wagon, coupe and cabriolet.

The E-Class Cabrio with the camouflaged soft top

With production for the sedan and wagon in full swing, next to be revealed will be the coupe. Our spies suggest that the cabrio will be debuted six months after two coupe. For its exterior, expect it to share the same design as the current E-Class lineup meaning mini S-Class looks from nose to tail. With most of the camouflage still in place, it is yet unknown if the E-Class cabrio will have a vinyl top or a metal folding roof.

Rear quarter of the E-Class Cabrio

Inside, it is likely that the dash will be carried over from the sedan and wagon but with few styling details to differentiate it from the rest of the lineup. In line with the latest infotainment systems offered by Mercedes-Benz, the cabrio will be getting the same systems already in production.

A look at the rear of the E-Class Cabrio

Under the hood will be a range of turbocharged gas and turbodiesel engines currently offered by the Mercedes-Benz. In the E-Class, the engine lineup consists of a 2.0 liter turbocharged gas engine, a 3.0 liter turbocharged V6, as well as a 3.0 liter turbodiesel. It has also been hinted that this generation of E-Class cabriolet may gain a hybrid and plug-in hybrid model in the future.