Spied: Mercedes-Benz GLE becomes an entirely new model


GLE receives own body and styling, breaks away from the ML

Our spies have recently tipped us regarding a ‘new’ Mercedes-Benz GLE, yet we had to double check if this was some sort of delayed news as Mercedes have recently introduced a new GLE to their current lineup. Upon double-checking however, it appears they were indeed onto something – this actually is a new GLE.

Perhaps an explanation is in order; Apparently the GLE in Mercedes’ current lineup is but a facelifted version of the ML – with the ‘GLE’ moniker merely attached along with its new look. This new prototype uncovered by our sleuths however appears to be an entirely new crossover altogether, thereby making it the ‘new’ GLE.

Considering its deviation from the ML platform, lesser weight is likely to be expected from the next GLE. Paired with new powerplants, the GLE will potentially have better fuel economy and emissions compared to its previous iteration. Propulsion is expected to come from petrol, diesel, and plug-in hybrid variations of Mercedes-Benz’s motors and will likely be followed by an AMG version.

Expect this new GLE to make its debut around 2018.

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