Spied: Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell comes back to life


SLS AMG E-Cell back on road testing, could go into production

Remember that bright yellow EV SLS that Mercedes debuted back in 2012? The SLS AMG E-Cell gave us a glimpse into the future of sports cars at a time when EV was a very uncertain topic in terms of performance.

While the E-Cell was meant to be an exercise of just how far EV could be taken at the time, it appears Mercedes is using it once again for development purposes.

Caught testing in and around the Nurburgring lugging around testing equipment, we can only surmise that the SLS E-Cell is out and about as a mule to develop a new EV model. Considering its ancestry, we may be seeing a fully electric version of the AMG GT in the works.

We know that the AMG GT will stay in production until around 2020, so if this really is an EV version of that car we may likely see its debut later next year or some time in 2019. For now though, we can only wait and see.

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