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Spied: Mini is testing their electic car in the snow


Mini Electric goes from concept to reality

What was originally shown as a concept during the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show has now become reality, unofficially of course. What you are looking at right now are the first images of Mini's upcoming electric vehicle (EV).

Yes you read that right, a Mini powered solely by electricity. Spotted playing in snow-covered Sweden, the partially-camouflaged prototype resembles its traditional counterparts. Different, however, is its closed front grill. Since it does not have an internal combustion engine, Mini opted to have it closed for better aerodynamics.


Its headlights and taillights appeared to have been borrowed from standard models. However, once the EV is officially revealed, it could come with its own unique set to differenitiate it from the other hatchbacks. In addition, the production EV may also get additional aerodynamic upgrades taken from the original concept.

Power for the Mini Electric will most likely come from the updated BMW i3. This means the electric hatchback could come with 184 PS and 270 Nm of torque. Its range, on the other hand, could vary between 230 – 240 km.

Expect the Mini Electric to make its debut some time later this year or in early 2019.

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