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Spied: More potent BMW M3 seen testing at the Nurburgring


Could this be the BMW M3 CS?

Earlier this year, BMW introduced the M4 CS to slot in between the standard M4 and the already sold out GTS. The M4 CS was more peformance oriented as BMW made it lighter and more powerful. Since then, the Bavarian automaker has yet to release a CS variant for its four-door counterpart, the M3 and with the current range topper being the M3 Competition package. However, that may soon change as seen in this prototype M3.

Likely to be the M3 CS, the prototype testing is seen sporting a new hood, trunk and a lower lip, which is hidden in camouflage. The rest of the body remains the same as a standard M3, as most of the upgrades made are likely underneath the vehicle and hidding under the hood.


If this is the M3 CS, it will likely undergo similar changes that were made to the M4. It will likely be put on a diet to give it better performance together with a possibly more powerful engine. The M4 CS produces 460 PS and 600 Nm of torque out of the 3.0-liter biturbo inline-six engine, which could also be fitted on to the M3 CS.

Apart from a revised lip, hood and trunk together with carbon fiber bits, expect the M3 CS to also feature new wheels, tires and possibly larger brakes to match the more powerful engine. As the prototype seen here is testing in the Nurburgring, it is possible that the M3 CS could also be aiming for a lap record around the Green Hell.

Expect the M3 CS to make its debut early 2018 and could likely be the last variant of the F80 M3 before a new model replaces it given the model's age.  

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