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Spied: Next-gen Mercedes-Benz A-Class prototype seen in hybrid form


Plug-in hybrid version of Mercedes-Benz A-Class spotted in Sweden

There have been talks and rumors about the new-generation A-Class spawning a hybrid or full-electric variant. Sure we have already seen several times what the all-new A-Class will look like inside and out (based on previous spy shots and cabin press photos), but we have yet to confirm if Mercedes-Benz is indeed busy on making one.

But thanks to our eagle-eyed spies, it's safe to say that the brand has indeed come up with a hybrid version of the A-Class, particularly a plug-in hybrid (PHEV). Spotted over in Northern Sweden, the hatchback looks like any of the previous A-Class prototypes we have already seen for the past few months. However, this particular five-door has some rather interesting details.


For starters, a 'hybrid' sticker is placed at the windshield which clearly indicates as to what type of propulsion the vehicle has. Next, the hatchback comes with two fuel caps. The one on the right side looks like the charger socket while the one on the left side appears to be the regular fuel cap.

Inside, our spies were able to take a picture of a 'Warning: High Voltage' sign which again, indicates some type of electrification present in the hybrid. Also curious to see on this particular PHEV is the lack of an exhaust pipe. While it's not exactly a purely electric vehicle (EV), Mercedes-Benz could have cleverly hid it, or the prototype itself does not have one yet.

As to when the hybrid versions of the A-Class (as well as the EV) will be released, it is highly likely that they will be revealed once the regular model comes out some time in 2018.

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