Mercedes-Benz is busy testing the handling prowess of its smallest offering. Recently, our spies were able to photograph the next-generation A-Class being tested at the Nurburgring.

At a glance, the new A-Class is still heavily camouflaged and bears the same exterior look from the previous shots our spies managed to get a hold of. Ever present is the unusual-looking hood which the company may have been using to confuse spy photographers. The front grill and bumper gets slight tweaks as well while the distinct headlight can still be seen despite the covers.

A closer look of the side profile of the new A-Class

Slated to be released in 2018, the new A-Class is expected to be underpinned by a new platform called MFA2. Apparently an improved version of the current MFA platform, the new frame will be lighter and can house several powertrain options. The new chassis is also relatively longer and will be used in the next-generation B-Class, CLA and an upcoming crossover called GLB.

The rear quarter of the new A-Class

Only available as a 5-door hatch, our spies said that the next-gen A-Class will also be available as a 4-door sedan though that could be a China-model.

Gasoline- and diesel-powered engines are expected to arrive in the new A-Class, along with the high-performance AMG variants. A three-cylinder engine and a hybrid model could also be making their way in the new A-Class.

A look at the rear of the upcoming next-gen A-Class

According to our spies, the new A-Class may be revealed at next year's Frankurt Motor Show.