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Spied: Next-gen Mercedes-Benz B-Class hits the snow


Upcoming Mercedes-Benz B-Class spied filling up on fuel in the cold weather

For Mercedes-Benz, the snowy Christmas weather appears to be the perfect time to test the next-generation B-Class in cold weather conditions. Our spies recently spotted this prototype while filling up at a gas station, possibly continue with more extreme weather tests in the snow.

As expected, the upcoming B-Class is still draped in heavy camouflage. The way the false panels are attached onto the test mule suggest that it will have a pointed nose coupled with a sloping front windshield. Despite the windshield having more rake, it still retains the large greenhouse offered by the current model.


Moving to the rear, one is met with more camouflage. Compared to the front fascia, there seems to be relatively lighter camouflage. However, it is still hard to make out details about the upcoming B-Class as even the exhaust are still covered. We do get to see however that it will have a sunroof, shining more light to the interior. Inside, expect the interior of the next-generation A-Class to mostly be carried over into the B-Class.

For now, now details have yet to be revealed about engine option and powertrains. Do expect it however to share the same engine choices with the all-new A-Class. Underpinning the B-Class is likely to be the new MFA2 platform which will also be used by the next-generation A-Class and CLA.

Except the next-generation B-Class to be revealed soon after the world premiere of the 2018 A-Class.  

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