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Spied: Next-gen Mercedes-Benz G-Class shows production lights


All-new Mercedes G-Class seen testing, AMG model sighted hiding Panamericana grill

After decades of production, the current generation Mercedes-Benz G-Class will soon be bowing out, with a successor due to replace it. Following numerous spy photos, it seems ever so likely that the next-generation G-Wagen is moving closer to production and an unveiling.

This time, our spies have managed to snap photos of this prototype G-Class undergoing testing with what appears to be the correct, production headlights and taillights fitted already. Both the headlights and taillights appear to be using LED. Curiously, the AMG G-Wagen seen by our spies, which is pictured above, did not sport the production LED headlights.


On the AMG-variant, we can see that the front fascia is still heavily covered in camouflage. More so, the grill is also now completely covered unlike the non-AMG variant, leading us to suspect that the next-gen AMG G-Wagen will also feature the signature Panamericana grill found on all AMG models. Despite having the tell tale signs of being an AMG G-Class, such as the side exit quad exhaust and larger wheels, it does not have the larger AMG brakes installed.

As for the regular G-Class, it has seemingly less camouflage in its front fascia compared to the AMG variant. It also shows the design of the standard grill, and the smaller air vents on the bumpers. Despite both being a G-Wagen, the AMG and the standard variant do not share the same side mirror design. 

Our spies mentioned that the next-generation G-Class is expected to be built in Graz, Austria, where the current model is being built. Furthermore, our spies also mentioned that the new G-Wagen may be built alongside the current one in a 'simpler' version.  

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