The smaller Mercedes-AMG BiTurbo V8 may soon make its way to the G-Class. Our spy photographers spotted a more aggressive looking G-Class but they report that the car seen here is an all-new model.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class test mule side

The AMG version will be dubbed the G63 and our spies report that it will run the same engine block used in other Mercedes-AMG products such as the C63 and the recently introduced E63. Power output has yet to be determined but at the moment, ratings start out at 471 PS in the C63 to 617 in the E63 S. It is possible that the G63's power may be somewhere in the middle.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class test rr quarter

As for the car itself, it retains the upright and boxy look of the current G-Class. The next-gen G-Class It is set to ride on a new platform though it is unknown if it will retain body on frame construction. Our spies also note that the SUV seen here is wider that the current model.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class test rear

In addition to the new platform, reports suggest that the second-generation G-Class will weigh less than the now 37 year old model. It is suggested that it will shed around 180 kilograms thanks to the new architecture. The wider stance of the car also suggests that there will be more room for both passengers and cargo inside.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class test fr quarter

While there are still little details surrounding the second-generation G-Class, it is expected that the interior will get all-new technologies and infotainment systems derived from the current Mercedes-Benz line-up. A non-AMG version is also expected to appear first before the performance oriented version seen here. Our source says the all-new G-Class will be built by Magna in Austria, alongside the current G-Class which will continue production even after the introduction of the new 4x4.