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Spied: Next-gen Mercedes G63 AMG now in development


Wider track, roomier interior for the signature G-Wagen

As much as Mercedes' boxy wagon appears to change very little over the years, it looks like they're already working on a new version of their rugged SUV.


From the looks of it, the new G-Wagen appears to borrow some bits and tech from the recently unveiled E-Class. Propelling it forward is the same 4.0L Twin Turbo V8 in the E63 pushing 570PS in standard trim or 612PS in its S version. We may pr may not see any difference in power numbers for the G-Wagen, but we hope to see some kind of surprise in terms of torque.



While its exterior leaves little to talk about for the untrained eye, our spies have observed how the prototype AMG G-Wagen has gotten much wider in track compared to previous generations. Roughly 10cm wider by estimate, this could mean that the chassis itself has been widened apart from the wider fenders which house the bigger wheels. Other visual cues include larger air dams for the front bumper to allow the V8 to breathe properly.


The interior appears to take after the direction which the E-Class has gone. A wide infotainment screen nestled within the center of the dash allows for a minimalist approach to the interior by lessening the number of knobs and buttons. Here we can evidently seen how much wider the G-Wagen has gotten as its occupants no longer have to sit shoulder-to-shoulder thanks to a wide center console.


Despite its increase in size, rumors suggest that the next G-Class will be as much as 400kg lighter than the previous model – a model that hasn't seen much change in the chassis department over the past three decades. That said, the new G-Class will still be built by Magna in Graz/Austria. Reports indicate that they may build the new G-Wagen alongside the older version in simpler trim for a short period.



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