Spied: Next-gen Mercedes S-Class slated for 2020 release


Prototype version of Mercedes' premium saloon caught making rounds

When our spies noticed several BMW 7 series and Audi A8 mules alongside a group of current-model Mercedes S-Classes, they figured something was going on with testing at the Mercedes camp. Staking out their movement for quite awhile, their efforts paid off with this particular catch: an early prototype of the next-gen Mercedes S-Class.

Currently details are very scarce on this model as it appears to be very early into development – not to mention the heavy camo it is wearing. Looking at the exterior, we can clearly see an extended hood section that gives a more prominent appearance to the front end. A possibility is that the front fascia may a adopt similar styling to that of the new CLS but with a more upscale design.

The light array also appears to be completely new, with the tail light sporting circular positioning lights inside. However, these may also just be temporary given that the front headlights are not production units. Judging from the covered rear quarter window section, we may possibly see a new styling profile for the rear end.

Powertrain details have yet so surface, but we can likely expect petrol, diesel, and plug-in hybrid options to become available for the next-gen S-Class by the time it debuts sometime in 2020.

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