While everyone is still busy ogling after the upcoming manual transmission on the refreshed 991 GT3, Porsche is quietly developing the next generation of 911 to succeed the 991. Likely to be dubbed the 992, we see a few key differences from the 991 given that the car no longer has any camouflage to disguise its lines.

Spied: Next-gen Porsche 911 sighted without any disguises

First off, the bonnet line has been squared out like older Porsches (like the 964, for example) instead of the curved tip like we’ve seen on the 996 up till the 991. Given the return to this shape, the bumpers and fenders also get tweaked to accommodate the new bonnet. The 992 gives itself away thanks to its wider track, it appears the next-gen Porsche will be much wider than the 991 it will succeed.

Rear quarter of the next-gen Porsche 911 992

The tail section, on the other hand, now resembles th Mission E concept with its thin taillights and distinct rear bumper. It also gets a nice set of quad exhaust pipes though they may not be the final design yet. If we are speaking in terms of cars actually in Porsche’s lineup, we may likely see something similar to that of the new Porsche Panamera.

Rear of the Porsche 911 992

As is tradition with the 911, we may see three body styles for the next-gen 992. We’ve already identified both the coupe and the cabrio, and we may likely see a targa version in the works once the first two body styles have made their debut some time in late 2018 or early 2019. By that time, we may also likely see a hybrid powertrain option available upon the new 911’s release.