Spied: Next-gen Porsche 911 Turbo mules now under development


Turbo version of the 992 have been sighted at the ‘ring

As we’ve previously mentioned, Porsche has been busy at work developing the next range of 911s to follow the current 991. Dubbed the 992, so far we’ve only seen test mules of the standard coupe and convertible versions of the next-gen Porsche. As far as body styles go, we have yet to see both the Targa as well as the Turbo versions of the car – the latter being elusive until now.

Our spies have caught a glimpse of an odd 991 Turbo at the ‘ring with a set of tacked-on fenders on top of the already-wide hips of the current version. While we doubt this will be some sort of option that follows the latest aftermarket craze of widebodies, it does seem reminiscent of the old 934 racers that need extra girth to fit wider tires. We have no clue as to how the new 911 Turbo will look like, but this certainly points towards one thing: It’s going to be much wider.

Assuming that the new 911 Turbo will need to be wider, this means it will need wider tires. Why does the 911 Turbo need wider tires? Because this means it could make more power out of its flat six turbo powerplant. Will we see the new 911 turbo break past the 600PS mark? With the current one sitting around the neighborhood of 580PS, this hunch may be highly possible.

We’ve yet to see a full body prototype of the 992 Turbo from Porsche, but trust that our spies will be on top of that once it surfaces for more testing.

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