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Spied: Next-generation BMW Z4 sheds more cover


Upcoming BMW Z4 spotted with less camo in front

The next-generation BMW Z4 has once again been spotted testing by our spies. From a quick glance, it may appear that nothing has changed since our spies first caught wind of the upcoming Z4. However, these new set of photos give us a better look of the Z4's front fascia, which now sports less camouflage.

Taking a closer look, the lower air intakes sport larger mesh openings instead of the smaller ones found on other BMW models. Design wise, the side air vents feature a more trapezoidal design, somewhat similar to ones found on the M4, though smaller.


As for BMW's signature kidney grill, the design appears to be wider and more pronounced unlike the previous models. Despite the headlight design being seen more clearly, these are likely faux units as they still do not have the signature BMW angel eyes.

Moving over to the side, the prototype seen here sports smaller brakes rotors and calipers compared to previous Z4 prototypes captured by our spies. This would lead us to assume that the model being tested here is that of a lower variant, or a non-M model. As for the rest of the car, it still retains the same camouflage as before with loads of faux panels.

No other details have yet to surface regarding the next-generation Z4. However, it's Toyota counterpart, the Supra is reportedly slated for a 2019 release.  

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