Spied: Peugeot testing all-new small crossover under 208 body


Could this crossover spawn the Peugeot 1008?

Small crossovers and SUV are becoming ever so popular nowadays, that most manufacturers have their own take on them. Currently, Peugeot's smallest crossover in their line up is the 2008, which is based off the 208. However, our spies have managed to spot what appears to be an even smaller crossover which is likely to be added to Peugeot's future model line up.

Our spies are calling it the 1008. Though the name is not yet official nor confirmed, it was seen undergoing hot weather testing in Southern Europe. From the photos, it looks like a standard Peugeot 208 that has been lifted, and fitted with larger wheels and over fenders. However, our spies mention that underneath it is an all new model, which is different from the 2008. Apart from the wider fenders and larger wheels, not much has changed on the prototype 208's exterior.

Our spies mention that the '1008' is set to be positioned below the 3008 and 2008, which would make it Peugeot's new entry level crossover. Given its supposed position, it will likely be available with front-wheel drive only. Power is expected to come from a 3-cylinder engine with various power outputs. A manual gearbox will likely come as standard, but do expect an automatic to be available as well.


With the PSA Group also owning part of Opel/Vauxhall, it is likely that a new Opel/Vauxhall crossover will also ride on the 1008's platform.

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