With the new Panamera being mostly revealed and a preview shown yesterday, the second-generation Porsche sedan is well and truly nearing its first public appearance. It would also appear that the Panamera may soon get a smaller, two-door model if these photos our spies sent us would suggest.

Panamera Coupe side

Disguised as a four door, this particular test mule is shorter and wider than the sedan. The new Panamera also serves as the basis for the upcoming Bentley Continental GT and this car hints that Porsche may soon add a grand touring coupe in the lineup. The last Porsche GT coupe was the 928, produced from 1977 to 1995.

Panamera Coupe rear

Being a test mule, the car you see here is not the final design. Porsche did say that the Panamera lineup will expand soon with the Sport Wagon debuting a few months after the sedan. If plans push through, it is likely the powertrains will consist of V6 and V8 engines found in the Panamera sedan. Another Panamera-based car is also rumored as well in the form of a convertible. The possible 928 successor also has no name at the time of writing and Porsche executives have yet to confirm or deny a GT coupe for the lineup.