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Spied: Porsche conducting tests on new Boxster 718 GTS


Updated GTS version could see more power, revised aero

When porsche added the ‘718’ moniker to the Boxster and Cayman, it appears as if they’re denoting that the duo of baby-Porsches are entirely new models. While some changes like the new turbo 4-cylinder are indeed noteworthy, all these changes are still based off the current-gen platform. As per usual, the new 718 Boxster was unveiled in both standard and Boxster S trims.

Now however, Porsche may well be delving further into developing the 718 as they have been sighted conducting tests with a new vehicle. From the looks of it, this may be the GTS version of the new Boxster. And according to our spies, this version may carry more substantial changes over the current Boxsters.


Looking at photos of the prototypes, the GTS mule sports a mild front lip just underneath the standard bumper. As sedate as this seems for a performance version, the lip is probably there just to compensate for the added downforce of an entirely new front bumper. Rounding up the changes may likely be lower and stiffer suspension, new wheels, as well as a new exhaust system to make the GTS stand out from standard fare.

The current GTS only sees a 15PS power bump over the Boxster S, but given the new four-cylinder turbo powerplant we could expect a bigger jump in power for the next GTS. The current Boxster S is rated at about 350PS, so we could likely expect the new GTS to be rated in the neighborhood of 375PS. The GTS would probably be available in both PDK and manual versions.

The new Boxster GTS may likely see dealership floors by late 2017.

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