Spied: Porsche continues development on Macan update


Stuttgart builds on Audi Q5 platform for better handling

While Porsche has been out testing the refreshed Macan for almost a year now, it looks like development for the updated SUV from Stuttgart is still in the works. The Macan prototype seen here performing winter tests appears to be in its final stages, and it may well be revealed sooner or later.

While this is an updated version of the Macan, do note that it is still based off the Audi Q5 platform – making it somewhat dated as far as its contemporaries go. From the looks of it, Porsche may fit a slew of new engine options as well as an updated infotainment system to keep the Macan up to spec. Of course, the Macan will likely come with a revised exterior pieces such as new front and rear fascias and lights. The interior may also receive a nip-and-tuck to conform to the rest of the current Porsche lineup as well.

All said and told, the next-gen Macan will likely appear in a few years time. For now though, it looks like this refreshed version is the latest SUV to come out of Porsche’s stable.

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