Spied: Porsche gives the Macan a facelift


Porsche Macan spotted sporting a mild redesign

Nearly three years have passed since the debut of the Macan and Porsche has now decided its time for a minor model change. Our spies were able to capture the facelifted version of Porsche's top-selling crossover during winter testing. While it looks like the current model, a closer look sees several changes to the exterior.


Being a Porsche, this refresh is not dramatic as it stays in tune with the automaker's current design language. This test car has some camouflage on the headlights, suggesting that these units will be slightly altered by the time the crossover is fully revealed. Also seen on this car is a more pronounced front lip. Looking at the side, it appears that it is largely carried over from the current model.

It's at the rear where most of the cover is. While the bumpers are also carried over, this car sports a new tailgate. The tail lights, along with the center section of the tailgate, are fully covered. Our spies say that it is likely that the refreshed Macan will have its own version of the all-new Panamera's LED light strip.

Our spies have yet to snap photos of its interior just yet. They do say that, like the exterior, an interior revamp is also in order. It is possible that it may also adapt the Panamera's dash layout which shows the direction for Porsche interiors. Our spies also added that there may be new engines in the pipeline for Porsche's smallest crossover.  

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