Spied: Porsche Mission E making rounds at the 'ring


Stuttgart’s next-gen EV saloon gets put through its paces

With Porsche's all-electric saloon still being a few years away, the folks from Stuttgart are busy hacking away at R&D for their first EV production vehicle. That said, our spies have identified a few test mules for the Porsche Mission E making rounds at the Nürburgring.

This latest prototype appears to have less camouflage on the front section, exposing more details around the headlights as well as the trim underneath. From the looks of it, there are cutouts around the bumper where several safety sensors will be placed – but for now have yet to be installed.

The rear section of the Mission E mule appears to be the most concealed section. The rear quarter panel and pillar seems to have some additional layers to alter its shape, but from the looks of it the rear glass extends much further towards the rear. As for the rear end, several panels conceal the long tail light that spans the width of the car, while Porsche have gone so far as to fit fake tailpipes to convince onlookers that this is just your run-of-the-mill Panamera – as if its silence isn’t telling enough.

Porsche executives have pegged the Mission E at around $85,000 once it makes production, but expect higher trim options to go well over the $100,000 mark.

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