Spied: Porsche Mission E undergoes cold weather testing


Porsche takes the Mission E out in the snow for cold weather tests

While most people are getting ready for the Christmas holidays, the guys over at Porsche still seem to be hard at work on developing the Mission E. Our spies have recently spotted the Mission E undergoing cold weather tests in a snowy region of Sweden.

Compared to previously spotted, it appears not much has changed to the Mission E since we last spotted it taking on the Nurburgring. In front, there are still multiple false panels attached onto the EV, hiding its final design. Moving along the side and, one is met with more faux panels. There even covering on the C-pillar, hiding the shape of the glass and a fake pair of exhausts at the back. Weirdly, one set of photos show another Mission E prototype sporting two different sets of wheels, hiding the possibly larger brakes behind it.

Unlike most manufacturers who put the swirling camouflage on their test mules, Porsche prefers to use multiple faux panels on their prototype vehicles. This hides any new updates on they could have done on the vehicles, confusing on-lookers as well. However, we do get a look at the overall styling of the Mission E, which seems to remain faithful to the concept's design.

In concept form, the Mission E was said to output 590 PS and is capable of doing 0 to 97 km/h in 3.5 seconds. Estimated driving range is 500 km via the New European Driving Cycle tests. Given the lack of technical information, it is still uncertain what performance figure the production model will have.  

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