If our spies and their photos are to be believed, it appears Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) have plans to continue the stylish Range Rover Evoque with a second generation.

Spied: Range Rover Evoque Mk. II receives extra girth

This recently sighted test mule only bears camouflage on its front end, likely because it already has production model parts that are installed to test the vehicle’s cooling. These disguised panels however don’t hide the fact that the Mk. II Evoque appears to have gained some girth – thanks mainly to its thick stacked fender arches. Hopefully this increase in width translates to more legroom in its interior.

Rear quarter of the JLR Evoque

From the looks of it JLR may utilize their new lineup of Ingenium petrol and diesel motors on the Evoque’s new platform. If you’ll recall the Ingenium line of motors is set to offer increased efficiency, improved performance, and lower CO2 emmissions.

Another look at the rear of the Range Rover Evoque

The test mule has also been sighted with a “high voltage” warning sign on the back – suggesting that this particular mule is a plug-in hybrid. According to JLR 50% of their lineup may likely consist of hybrids in a few years time, and it appears the upcoming Evoque will likely help achieve those numbers for them.