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Spied: Rolls-Royce does further testing on the Cullinan


Rolls-Royce Cullinan goes through winter testing

Rolls-Royce has a busy year ahead. Not only are they preparing a new flagship limousine, they are also further developing their first SUV. Dubbed the Cullinan, Rolls-Royce calls their Bentley Bentayga fighter an HSV or High Sided Vehicle.

Back in December, Rolls-Royce previewed the Cullinan by presenting the camouflaged test car. This time around, it has been seen testing by our spies in Sweden. Not much has changed since Rolls-Royce previewed the car HSV apart from it being tested in harsh environments. With the latest spy shot of the prototype Cullinan, it is seen in a snowy environment, conducting cold weather tests and possibly off-road tests as well.


Despite the heavy camouflage throughout the car, the front retains the Rolls-Royce's signature waterfall grill. The slim rectangular headlights are inspired by the Phantom which feature similar headlights. Along with its defined shoulder line, the Cullinan prototype gives the impression of a Phantom SUV. Just below the waterfall grill, there sits what appears to be a sensor for adaptive cruise control.

A more heavily camouflage rear end, along with extra panels and provisional tail lights help disguise the prototype. This gives no sure sign of what the rear end might look like for now. The side profile of the prototype shows the rear door having two door handles, one of which being a faux handle. Our spies tell us that Rolls-Royce has decided give it its signature coach doors, which opens the same way as the Phantom.

The Cullinan uses the same platform as the upcoming Phantom VIII. It also uses a new aluminum space-frame and a carbon core chassis, which is not only lighter but also helps the Cullinan cope better in varying weather conditions. A 6.75liter V12 is set to power the all-wheel drive Cullinan with electric power to be included down the line. The Cullinan is based on the upcoming BMW X7 and will also utilize the BMW Carbon Core Chassis.

With the Cullinan set for debut in 2018, expect the Rolls-Royce SUV to hit showrooms around 2019. Expect more spy shots as well as they continue to do their tests ahead of 2018.

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