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Spied: Sleek new Audi A6 Avant goes for a winter drive


Next-generation Audi A6 Avant sports redesigned exterior and interior

It looks like the harsh winter weather has not dettered Audi from testing its upcoming models. Seen by our eagle-eyed spies playing in the snow recently is the all-new A6 Avant.

Like the prototype sedan version we saw last December, the wagon model seen here gets Audi's new Singleframe front grill and new headlight design. One clear difference between this and the standard A6 however is the reshaped front bumper and side air intakes / vents. The sedan gets a square shape design while the Avant gets a more rectangular finish.


Viewed from the side, and it's clear that Audi opted for a sleeker, more aerodynamic shape in the all-new A6 Avant. Despite the camo livery, we see the A6 Avant's new sloped roofline as well as what appears to be a longer wheelbase. Around the back, a new set of LED taillights, tailgate and a new rear bumper complete the exterior changes on the A6 Avant.

Beside the exterior, our spies were also able to take a picture of the A6 Avant's interior. By the looks of it, the Avant will have a pre-dominantly digital cabin like the standard A6. From the climate control, infotainment system and multi-info screen, the A6 Avant will come with plenty of displays.

Under the hood, expect the A6 Avant to be available with a plethora of turbocharged gasoline- and diesel-powered engines. Also, the new wagon will be riding on Audi's new MLB Evo platform which means it'will be lighter and more rigid than its predecessor.

The all-new Audi A6 Avant will make its official debut after the company reveals the standard A6 in the coming months.

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