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Spied: Take a peek inside the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT4


Our spies give us a first look of the Mercedes-AMG GT4's interior

Earlier this week, Mercedes released official teaser photos of the upcoming AMG GT4 which will be making its debut at the upcoming Geneva International Motor Show this March. However, they did not provide any new details about the four-door coupe nor did they show any photo of its interior. Now, our spies managed to take a peek of the AMG GT4's interior with barely any camouflage.

Looks familiar? That is because the AMG GT4 coupe's dashboard looks similar to the recently revealed CLS. There are Mercedes-Benz's signature four round central air vents. In front of the driver, is a dual 12.3-inch display which shares a large glass cover and forms a widescreen cockpit display. Curiously, the center console is still covered with multiple wires running through it.


As for the AMG GT4's exterior, most of it is still covered in camouflage with the snow further hiding details of the vehicle. From the looks of it however, not much has changed compared to when Mercedes-AMG themselves released the teaser photos. We do see however that the signature squared-off twin exit exhaust have now been fitted onto this prototype. Noticeably it also seems to be testing with other Mercedes models.

Under the hood, Mercedes-AMG has not released any details about the powerplant of the GT4. However, it is expected to use the same 4.0-liter biturbo V8 found on the AMG GT and produce around 600 PS. A hybrid system such as the one found on the concept car could also make its way into production, boosting power even more.

More on the Mercedes-AMG GT4 four-door coupe once it debuts at Geneva next month.

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