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Spied: The Aston Martin Vanquish is out making rounds


The performance-oriented Aston Martin DB11 is in the works

With the DB11 out for more than a year now, everyone appears to be waiting with bated breath for the next-gen Vanquish. It looks like Aston Martin is keen to follow through with this, as our spies have recently caught the upcoming Vanquish out and about for winter testing.

Just like its previous iterations, the next-gen Vanquish builds on the DB11’s svelte body by sporting aggressive hood vents, a much more angular front fascia with ducts on each side, and a rear diffuser setup matched with a sportier quad-tip exhaust system.


This particular mule appears keen to hide the new tail lamps of the Vanquish, but judging from its brake light pattern it’s clear enough to tell that this part of the car will look entirely different compared to the DB11.

Considering that the standard DB11 V12 already pushes 616PS, perhaps the Vanquish can be expected to have numbers past 650PS to match its menacing exterior.

While current test versions of the Vanquish all appear to be in coupe form, we can expect a convertible Volante version of it to appear anytime soon – perhaps during summer testing?

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