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Spied: The manual gearbox lives on with next-gen Porsche 911


A look inside the upcoming Porsche 992's interior

After multiple spy photos and even a supposed leak of an uncamouflaged car, the exterior of the next-generation Porsche 911 doesn't really seem that exciting anymore. In fact, Porsche has just recently revealed official photos of the upcoming 992 (albeit fully covered in camouflage) together with some details about the vehicle. What we have yet to see however, are photos of the vehicle's interior.

That is until now.


Our spies have recently sent us photos of a 992 Cabrio undergoing winter testing. As expected, it sports the same camoulfage and false panels as other 992 prototypes that have been spotted before. What did pique our interest however was the lone interior photo which shows the car's dashboard almost fully uncovered. More importantly, it shows that the next-generation 911 will be available with a manual transmission.

The dashboard now takes on a more simple and retro design heralding back to the days of the air-cooled 911s. A large infotainment screen is positioned in the center of the dash while the air vents are now situated below it. Most of the buttons now sits flush on the center console. In front of the driver, only the tachometer remains analog as the rest of the gauge cluster is now digital.

Engine and powertrain details of the 992 continue to remain scarce. What is certain is that it will be available with a manual transmission instead of just being PDK only. Porsche 911 model line director August Achleitner also added that a hybrid 992 “it could be an option somewhere down the line.” Furthermore, Porsche believes that the 911 will “always have a steering wheel” and will be one of the last vehicles to drive autonomously.

Porsche did not disclose when the 992 will make it's debut. But given the online leak of a fully uncovered model, it is likely to be soon.

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