Having recently launched the new E-Class, Mercedes have so far unveiled the standard sedan as well as the Estate variant of their executive saloon. Judging from the lineup of the previous generation E-Class however, we know that there are still several models missing from their current lineup – one of which is the coupe.

Now though spies have identified the new E-Class coupe in testing. From the looks of it, the new E-Class looks to be slightly longer than the outgoing model, but otherwise shares the same proportions. Mercedes appears to be going with a smoother profile for the E-Class coupe much like their new lineup of cars.

Up close with the new E-Class coupe

The underpinnings of the coupe will make use of the MRA modular rear wheel drive platform that first came out with the 2015 C-Class. With the use of this platform, we can expect the upcoming E-Class coupe to be much lighter and more dynamic than the older model. Given the move to this platform, we may likely find a 9-speed automatic transmission at the center of the powertrain.

Side profile of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

Motor options may include inline fours as well as sixes, both with petrol and diesel variants. Perhaps a Mercedes-AMG version may be in the cards as well, hopefully with the 600PS 4.0L Twin-turbo V8 sitting underneath the hood.

As for the interior, the MRA platform allows for more amenities and tech just like the E-Class sedan. Dual screens replace the usual instruments you may find on the vehicle, while features like advanced autonomous driving capability can well be in the cards too.

Rear quarter of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class in coupe form

Since the prototypes are wearing all but little camouflage, we can expect this coupe to make its debut soon. Likely we may see sales by the second half of 2017.