The 2018 Geneva International Auto Show saw Toyota officially bring back the Supra, albeit in race car form. Called the Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept, it gave us a general idea of what the road-going version will eventually look like.

However, our spies were able to catch a thinly-disguised Supra being tested in the snow recently. Despite the camo livery, this particular Supra carries no false body panels whatsoever, giving us a relatively clear view of the Supra's new shape.

Spied: Toyota Supra

Like the racing concept shown in Geneva, the all-new Supra gets a sweeping front fascia that is dominated by upswept headlights and huge front bumper with large air intakes. It also has a long sweeping hood and smooth-shaped front fenders reminiscent of the iconic MkIV Supra.

More styling cues from the previous generation Supra can be seen at the rear and side profile of the all-new model. These include the 'coke-bottle' rear quarter panels, sloping back window and the eye-catching taillights. However, expect the road-going version to be marginally narrower than the race-spec concept which had a wider stance to accommodate the huge tires.

Spied: Toyota Supra

Curious however are the blue and red brake calipers present on the prototype. This could mean that BMW and Toyota may have made their own braking systems for each version.

Under the hood, the new Supra will reportedly use a BMW-sourced 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six that will be mated to an eight-speed automatic. Output ratings are expected to range between 300 and 350 PS. There is no word yet about its torque rating or the availability of a manual gearbox option.

Spied: Toyota Supra

The all-new Supra could make its official debut sometime in Q3 or Q4 of 2018.