A few weeks ago, American Honda Motor Company confirmed that the next-generation Civic will be out by next year. That bit of news is exciting indeed, but Honda didn't mention much other than a mid-2021 debut. We don't know anything about the engines, specs, or even a hint of what it might look like.

Now, that's all about to change because, for the first time since the announcement, the eleventh-generation Civic has been spied. Here's the more exciting part: it was spied in Thailand.

Spied: This could be the next-generation Honda Civic image

If this is the next-gen Civic, this could mean the Honda plant in Thailand is gearing up for the all-new model. That would be great news for us since the Philippine-spec Civics are sourced from Thailand. It could mean a short wait for us too. But enough talk about that, what will the future Civic look like?

The car that was spied still wore thick camouflage, but it appears to be even larger than the current Civic. Also, the car seems to have a flatter-looking nose too, somewhat reminiscent of the Accord. We see some bits of the headlight, and it looks significantly different from the ones we currently have. Another thing we noticed is its side mirrors, which are door-mounted instead of pillar-mounted. As for the rear, it's difficult to tell what it will be like. Those could just be false panels on the car to throw off anyone thinking of rendering the 2022 Civic. Also, engine specs are a mystery for now.

Spied: This could be the next-generation Honda Civic image

Given how thick the camouflage is on this car, it suggests yet another dramatic redesign rather than a mild evolution. If that's the case, it's a rather bold move from Honda. If you observe the Civic generations from the '90s to the present, Honda does tend to be conservative after making a radical model change. Of course, we won't know if the all-new Civic will be a big leap forward over its predecessor until mid-2021.

With the eleventh-generation Honda Civic spied, 2021 can't come soon enough. Let the countdown begin.

Source: headlightmag forums