With the updated BMW 4 Series range coming soon, it would appear that the M4 will be getting a track oriented model in the near future. Our spies have photographed a BMW M4 test mule sporting an aggressive aero package set to do laps around the Nurburgring.


This car hints at the possible return of the track-focused GT4 to the M car lineup which was first seen in the E92 M3. The test mule seen here is based on the pre-facelifted M4 as seen by the lack of camouflage. Seen here is a chin spoiler, side skirts with air channels, rear bumper diffuser, trunk lip spoiler and a rear wing.

BMW M4 GT4 hits the 'Ring

Apart from the aerodynamic additions to the car, it is likely that it will get suspension and brake upgrades as well once the car is revealed. It is also possible that the M4 GT4 gets a weight reduction as well as the M3 GT4 had carbon fiber doors, a stripped out interior and polycarbonate windows. A rollcage may be standard since its predecessor was equipped with one and various race-ready equipment such as Recaro racing seats, air-jack system, fuel cell and a quick release steering wheel. As of now, the test mule has a full interior

BMW M4 GT4 coming to customer teams soon

The GT4 M cars are primarily used for competition purposes. These cars have to follow homologation rules for the car to be able to enter various racing series around the world and will have a limited production run.